English defender Tyrone Mings hits out at British Home Secretary Priti Patel for hypocrisy on racism

England defender Tyrone Mings has hit out at Home Secretary Priti Patel for ‘stoking the fire’ with her comments about players taking the knee. Tyrone “branded Home Secretary of the United Kingdom Priti Patel a hypocrite after she condemned the racial attack on Three Lions’ stars – Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho and Bukayo Saka.”

Mings even went on to say that she has “no right” to condemn these online attacks before accusing the Conservative minister of “stroking the fire” of racism. Mings in his remark was referring to Patel’s previous statements, where she had labelled the England team’s decision to take a knee in support of the Black Lives Moment as a “political gesture.”

On Monday, Patel also joined the bandwagon as she condemned the attack on the trio and termed racial abuse as “disgusting”. “I am disgusted that England players who have given so much for our country this summer have been subject to vile racist abuse on social media. It has no place in our country and I back the police to hold those responsible accountable,” Patel wrote on Twitter.

However, not many were prepared to believe that Patel was being honest in her condemnation for the online abuse targeting Black English players. Mings took to Twitter to attack Patel as he wrote, “You don’t get to stoke the fire at the beginning of the tournament by labelling our anti-racism message as ‘Gesture Politics’ and then pretend to be disgusted when the very thing we’re campaigning against, happens”.

Meanwhile, England skipper Harry Kane also came in support of English players, saying that they don’t want such supporters who abuses people on social media.

“Three lads who were brilliant all summer had the courage to step up & take a pen when the stakes were high. They deserve support & backing not the vile racist abuse they’ve had since last night. If you abuse anyone on social media you’re not an England fan and we don’t want you,” he wrote.

One British MP had branded Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Patel ‘arsonists’ for their alleged role in fanning the phenomenon of racism in the country. According to the BBC, Patel has refused to comment on the scathing tweet by Mings.

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