Elon Musk is set to become new owner of Twitter! Deal almost finalized worth $43 billion

Elon Musk is set to become new owner of Twitter: Tesla CEO Elon Musk may become the new owner of Twitter from tonight. According to The Wall Street Journal, Twitter is reconsidering the deal that Elon Musk offered to buy this social media site. Twitter shares rose 5.3% in premarket trading amid the news.

At the same time, according to the report of Bloomberg News, Twitter is ready to give its ownership to Elon Musk. The report added that the microblogging site is working on finalizing the terms of the transaction and if the talks go as expected, a deal could be struck on Monday.

Musk offered $ 43 billion to buy Twitter
Recently, Elon Musk offered $ 43 billion (about Rs 3273.44 billion) to buy Twitter. There was a lot of controversy about this. But, now according to a new report, Twitter is preparing to make this deal with Musk.

This does not mean that Twitter will accept Musk’s offer of $ 54.20 per share, the report said. The company will look for even better offers after negotiating with Musk for this.

The board of directors had protested
Recently, the Twitter board adopted the ‘Poison Pill Strategy’ to prevent the takeover of the company on behalf of Musk. However, the board members’ willingness to negotiate this deal shows that Musk has found the bite of this Poison Pill.

Musk currently holds 9.2% of the shares. There is also news that Twitter’s attitude has changed since Musk held a private meeting with several shareholders of the company on Friday.

Musk will buy Twitter to work on Freedom of Speech
Musk has always said that he is in favor of freedom of speech. He also cited the reason behind his intention to buy Twitter that the freedom of speech on this social media platform is under threat and he wants to ensure that it remains so.

However, according to free-speech experts, these statements of Musk are completely different from his conduct. He has long threatened his critics.

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