Elon Musk congratulates ISRO on 3rd test of Vikas Engine for Gaganyaan

The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) on Wednesday successfully conducted the third long-duration thermal test of the liquid propellant engine development for its Gaganyaan programme. For this achievement, the CEO of American company Space X, Elon Musk has congratulated ISRO.

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ISRO informed about its test through a tweet, on which Elon Musk commented with the tricolor of India and wrote ‘Congratulations India. ISRO said in a statement that the test was conducted for the L110 liquid stage of the GSLV Mk 3 vehicle as part of the engine qualification requirement for the Gaganyaan programme. The engine was launched for 240 seconds at the test center at ISRO Propulsion Complex (IPRC), Mahendragiri, Tamil Nadu, it said.

According to the statement, the engine met the test objectives during this period and the engines were in conformity with the standard estimates throughout the test period. The objective of the Gaganyaan program is to demonstrate the capability of an Indian launch vehicle to send humans to low Earth orbit and bring them back to Earth. Union Space Minister Jitendra Singh had said in February this year that the first unmanned mission is planned in December 2021 and the second unmanned mission in 2022-23 and thereafter manned spacecraft.

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