‘Ek Manmohan thhe…aur ek yeh, jo apni patloon istri kar ke khush hain.’: Titli actor Shashank Arora mocks PM Modi

Actor Shashank Arora, who has been a part of the film ‘Titli’ and web series ‘The Great Indian Murder’, is very active on social media. He is known for his meaningful characters, as well as he has often made statements on the social and political situations of India.

Recently he made a tweet and compared the current Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the former Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh.

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Shashank wrote in his tweet, “Ek Manmohan thhe, ganit, vigyaan aur insaaniyat samajhte thhe, aur ek yeh, apni patloon istri kar ke khush hain (There was a Manmohan, who understood maths, science and humanity and this is one, happy to iron his trousers).” Let us tell you that many BJP supporters did not like this taunt of Shashank on the current PM and many people also trolled him. However, Shashank did not respond to any trolling.

Actor Shashank Arora mocks PM Modi

Earlier, in a tweet on the failures of politicians, he wrote that more than 90 percent of Indian politicians would never have read the Constitution of India. It may also happen that they do not even know how to read this constitution.

Apart from this, he had also made a tweet on the situation in India and America.

Shashank wrote that people say that gun shooting does not happen in India at least like America. Children are safe in India. but it’s not like that. People are stupid who think like that.

Actor Shashank Arora mocks PM Modi

He further wrote that every year more than 50 thousand children are kidnapped in India and this data is only for 9 states and the rest of the states are not in it. I am not adding the names of those children who get murdered.

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