EAM S Jaishankar says ‘We can’t pick up a fight with China as they’re bigger economy’; Army veterans slam

In the context of China-related policy, Foreign Minister S Jaishankar addressed a series of questions posed by the opposition. While doing so, he acknowledged China’s significant economic status and emphasized the futility of trying to engage in a confrontational approach. However, his remarks generated widespread attention on social media, with many individuals posing numerous queries and criticisms aimed at S Jaishankar.

A video featuring S Jaishankar in conversation with the news agency ANI has been gaining traction on social media. During the interview, he was questioned regarding the opposition’s accusations that the Indian government takes a defensive stance towards China and only responds after China has taken action. In response, the External Affairs Minister refuted the claim, stating that it was not true. He went on to explain that China is a “bigger economy” than India and questioned whether a small economy like India should engage in conflict with a more powerful one.

Taking his point forward, he said, “Look, they (China) are the bigger economy. What am I going to do? As a smaller economy, I am going to pick up a fight with the bigger economy? It is not a question of being reactionary, it’s a question of common sense….”

This video is rapidly going viral on social media, with scathing criticism directed towards Foreign Minister S Jaishankar from several army veterans Army. In response to Jaishankar’s remarks, Arun Prakash, a former navy chief and hero of the 1971 war, expressed his disapproval via Twitter. He stated, “If relative size of economies is seen as arbiter of int’l relations, how come nations like Cuba, N Korea & Iran thumb their noses at the USA or Vietnam at China? India, as a democracy, nuclear weapon state & significant economic & mil power must stand firm against hegemony.”

In a tweet, retired Major General Shail Jha said, “Mr Jaishankar should know that its not India but China which is picking the fight. Economy or no economy, if we bow down to a bully, we are abandoning our self-respect. Is it acceptable? What a shame. And the guy is being hailed as the greatest FM. It’s cowardice.”

Anil Duhoon, a retired Lieutenant Colonel, tweeted, “China is a bigger economy, we cannot go to war with China. That’s why @narendramodi gave clean chit to China? Na koi ghusa hai….. 56 inch and LalAnkh?? Surrendered.”

Not only Army veterans, but even netizens also took to social media to express their anger against the external affair minister. A Twitter user wrote, “Nationalism is limited to showing smaller countries and economies it’s place.” Another tweeted, “Always exhibiting fake nationalism in the pretext of destroying Pakistan & now when it is crucial to fight back & take back our lost lands to China u say u r weaker in terms of economy, shame on you!”

One user tweeted, “An open admission by the EAM that they are okay with China occupying Indian territory because ‘they are the bigger economy’.”