‘Don’t trust Indian media, govt is not helping us’: Distressed students in Ukraine complains in viral video

Distressed Indian students in Ukraine: After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the condition of the people in the war-torn country is getting worse day by day. Indian students stranded in Kyiv, Ukraine have shared about their current situation in the country. Complaining about the response of the Indian embassy to their situation, the students reported that they were not getting any help from the Indian embassy.

The stranded students said the operation was of no use to them as the mission was focused only on evacuating students from the border areas of the war-torn country.

Frightened students expressed concern about the constant dropping of missiles and bombs, saying that uncertainty in the war-torn country forced them to spend their nights in bunkers. According to the students they are not getting essential supplies like water and food.

Varun Gandhi has uploaded a video of a girl from Ukraine on Twitter. In the video, the student is seen complaining to an Indian Embassy official. The student is saying in this video that the governments of the world are evacuating their students, but the Indian government is not doing anything. The girl student is alleging that the Indian government is not helping them.

“We have been calling him [Indian embassy staff] and he is continuously rejecting our calls. Even though we have shared videos from the Romanian border where girls are being mercilessly beaten up. Just this afternoon the embassy told us that all those in Kyiv who can leave by taking trains should do so, but instead of giving us guidance, they are completely ignoring us,” she said.

At the same time, questioning the Indian media, this girl says, “Many Indians are listening and watching us, It is requested to them that do not trust the words of the Indian media. Indian government is not helping us.”

Distressed Indian students in Ukraine

The girl has urged all Indians to start protesting in India. Put pressure on the government.

Another Indian stranded on the Ukrainian border complained that help had not been forthcoming. She said the Indians had been asked to move to the border, but there were only two people there to help thousands. Nor was the Indian embassy responding.

Distressed Indian students in Ukraine

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