Don’t take bladder pain lightly, it points to these 4 problems

It is often seen that many people have occasional bladder pain problems which they try to bear and sometimes do not even take it serious because of it. It has been observed that when women have bladder pain, they do not evaluate its severity. But do you know that ignoring bladder pain can prove to be dangerous. Yes, bladder pain points to many big problems, which if not known in time, can cause major damage to health. Today in this episode we are going to tell you what problems this bladder pen indicates. Knowing them soon, you must take the advice of your doctors once.

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

It is also called bladder infection and it occurs in more women than men. The reason for this is that the urethra of women is more close to the place of germs such as the vagina. It can happen at any age. Symptoms can vary in women but generally include muscle aches, abdominal pain, fatigue and weakness. For this you show your doctor and he will give you anti-biotics.

Changes in Your Reproductive System

Bladder pain can also be caused by thinning of the skin on your vagina. This often happens during menopause. Due to menopause, the tissue around the vagina gets destroyed. Due to this, infection can also occur in the bladder. You must talk to your doctor about this. He will give some medicines to cure its symptoms.

Bladder Cancer

Bladder cancer is very rare, especially in women. Symptoms include pain while urinating or blood in the urine. Its treatment includes chemotherapy or surgery etc. In some cases, all parts of the bladder are removed. It also occurs in some women, but bladder cancer is found in women much less than in men. Therefore, as soon as you see its symptoms, you should not delay in any way in seeking treatment from the doctor.

Interstitial cystitis

This is a condition in which the bladder wall becomes irritated and inflamed. Its symptoms include mild pain. Menstruation exacerbates this pain. If it is accompanied by a UTI, your symptoms worsen. This can be due to stress or changes in diet etc. It can be cured with medicines or physical therapy.

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