‘Don’t run away’: Popular Radio Jockey RJ Sayema to Vivek Agnihotri during a Twitter spat

RJ Sayema-Vivek Agnihotri Twitter face-off: A video is going viral on social media, in which a Kashmiri man could be heard alleging that a Delhi hotel denied him accommodation that he had booked earlier via OYO.

Sharing the video, the National Spokesperson of Jammu & Kashmir Students Union, Nasir Khuehami claimed that a Kashmiri man, was denied accommodation in The Pleasant Inn hotel, which is a flagship OYO Hotel. The man who was allegedly denied accommodation was not visible in the video, but a woman employee at the reception can be seen.

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After which the director of the film ‘The Kashmir Files’ Vivek Agnihotri and radio jockey Sayema indulge in a twitter face-off. Vivek even asked Sayema to call him on her show to have a discussion.

In fact, Nasir Khuehami mentioning Sayema in a tweet wrote, “Impact of #KashmirFiles on ground. Delhi Hotel denies accommodation to Kashmiri man, despite provided id and other documents. Is being a Kashmiri a Crime.” In response to which, while mentioning Vivek Agnihotri, Sayema quoted, “This is on @vivekagnihotri.”

RJ Sayema-Vivek Agnihotri Twitter face-off

Quoting on radio jockey Sayema’s tweet, Vivek Agnihotri responded, “Madam, you are RJ. Call me some time on your radio show, let’s talk together everything will be crystal clear. If yes, then DM.”

After which, while replying to Vivek Agnihotri’s tweet, Sayema wrote, “My radio show is designed on a very specific and different theme. This discussion won’t fit in. However, I am much more than just an RJ. And I am curious why aren’t you condemning hateful trends, violence inciting instances in the name of #KashmirFiles?”

RJ Sayema-Vivek Agnihotri Twitter face-off

To this, Vivek replied, “lets have a dialogue with much more of you. Get a moderator of your choice. Don’t run away from dialogue.”

Sayema hits back to Agnihotri and asked him not to deviate from the issue and reply to her ‘pointed question’.

RJ Sayema-Vivek Agnihotri Twitter face-off

Talking about the incident, the man, who was visibly irked as he was not able to check-in, demanded an answer why he was being denied accommodation. He said, “I am giving you my identity card. Here is my Aadhaar Card. Why are you denying it?” When the female employee said she had orders not to give room to anyone with an ID from Kashmir, he said, “I can give you passport as well.” As Kashmir’s address was mentioned on the passport, it was denied as well.

A few seconds later, the woman called someone, possibly the manager of the hotel, and told him what was happened at the hotel. When she asked the manager to talk to the customer, he told her to tell the man from Kashmir that there were orders from the Police not to give accommodation to anyone holding an identity card from Kashmir.

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