‘Don’t criticise any religion’: BJP issues new rules for party spokespersons amid backlash from Muslim nations

BJP issues new rules: After facing backlash from the Islamic nations over Nupur Sharma’s derogatory remarks on Prophet Muhammad, the BJP has issued new guidelines regarding the spokespersons and panelists of its party. According to the new guidelines of the party, now only official spokespersons and panelists will be allowed to participate in TV debates. Along with this, the BJP has given many other suggestions along with the guidelines to its spokespersons.

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During the TV debate, Nupur Sharma’s controversial remarks on the Prophet were discussed internationally. Several countries including Qatar, Kuwait, UAE, Pakistan, Maldives and Indonesia have strongly condemned Sharma’s remarks during a TV show. After which the BJP has issued new guidelines for the representatives going to the TV show.

Under new guidelines, now only BJP official spokespersons and panelists will be allowed to participate in TV debates. The spokespersons have been warned against criticising any religion, its symbols or religious figures.

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In the instructions given by the party to the BJP spokespersons and TV panelists, it has been told that they should use only restrained language. Do not get agitated and do not violate the ideology and principles of the party even on the provocation of anyone.

The BJP has advised its representatives that they should know about the subject before going to the TV debate. It was also said that the spokespersons should not deviate from the agenda of the party and should take care not to fall into the trap of anyone. They should also focus on telling the public about the work done for the welfare of the poor in the show.

In fact, former BJP spokespersons Nupur Sharma and Naveen Kumar Jindal have been suspended by the party after their controversial remarks on the Prophet. Sharma’s remarks drew international condemnation. After which the party issued a new guideline for its spokespersons and panelists.

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