“Does she want a Rajya Sabha seat or she directly wishes to grab a CM post?”: Lalu Prasad’s daughter rags Kangana Ranaut

Lalu Yadav’s daughter Rohini Acharya has slammed Kangana Ranaut for her statement about the corpses found floating in the Ganges. Rohini has also dubbed actress Kangana Ranaut a fake Jhansi ki Rani. Let us tell you that Kangana Ranaut shared a video on Instagram, in which she is telling the bodies flowing in the Ganges of UP and Bihar to be Nigeria.

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Rohini Acharya tweeted and wrote, “There’s no limit to andh-bhakti (blind faith). A person, who has become blind and mentally bankrupt is desperately trying to act as a broker for a so-called fakir. Does she want a Rajya Sabha seat or she directly wishes to grab a CM post? By murdering humanity, a fake Jhansi Ki Rani is terming the floating dead bodies in Ganga as those from Nigeria. She’s just trying to protect the image of a so-called fakir.”

Rohini’s all-out attack came after Kangana shared a video defending the Modi government on its inept handling of the pandemic. The BJP, which governs the states of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar was left red-faced after hundreds of dead bodies were found floating in Ganga. According to Kangana, those bodies were from Nigeria.

Kangana Ranaut

Rohini Acharya is constantly active on social media- Rohini Acharya, the second daughter of Lalu Yadav, is constantly active on social media. She expresses her views on various issues, including Bihar. It is being told that RJD can contest her from any seat in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

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