Doctored Video Was GODI Media’s Source on Pak ‘Accepting’ Balakot Deaths, Story Withdrawn

A case of misinformation was once reported by the country’s largest news agency ANI. The agency falsely claimed that a former Pakistani diplomat had confirmed the deaths in Balakot.

This fake claim by ANI has been revealed by the fact-checking website Boomlive.

According to Boomlive’s Factcheck story, the ANI report quoted Pakistani diplomat Zafar Hilali as claiming that 300 militants were killed in Balakot airstrike. The website has revealed that the video by ANI on which Zafar Hilali made the claim was edited.

Titled “Former Pak diplomat admits 300 casualties in Balakot airstrike by India”, the ANI claimed in its report that Hilali said on a news channel while debating Imran Khan’s surgical strike statement of India that India Committed a war crime by crossing the border.

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300 of our people died in this. Why didn’t we attack India? Not because we accepted that the surgical strike… limited action… O ho, look, no one was killed.

After this report by ANI many media institutions in India made the same claim. But when Boomlive investigated this claim, a video edit of Zafar Hilali was found.

In the original video by Zafar Hilali, he talks about India’s intention to kill 300 people and says that India has failed in it.

Hilali further accuses India of making false claims of bombing the football field and killing 300 Pakistanis. Hilali is also angry with Pakistan about how Pakistan remained silent on these claims of India.

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Zafar Hilali has raised objections to the erroneous claims going on in the Indian media. He tweeted and wrote, “This report has been published on the basis of a part of the debate on Ham TV, which is incorrect”.

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