Discord in Delhi BJP! Party removes Tajinder Bagga and Neha Shalini Dua from WhatsApp group

Discord has erupted among a section of party leaders after some party spokespersons, including Tejinder Pal Singh Bagga(Tajinder Bagga) and Neha Shalini Dua, were removed from the Delhi BJP WhatsApp group. Sources have given this information. However, Delhi BJP’s media team chief Naveen Kumar claimed that everything is fine and there is no discord or discontent in the party.

Kumar said, “Some people may have changed phones or some names were dropped due to some other reason.” Bagga, a prominent face in the Bharatiya Janata Party and active on social media platforms, was removed from two WhatsApp groups last Saturday. These groups mainly consist of members of the party’s media team.

“However, he was added back to the group on Tuesday, but he himself left the group,” a BJP leader said. After this, Bagga also removed the word ‘BJP spokesperson’ from his Twitter account. When contacted, Bagga said, “No comment, talk to party leaders.”


It has been learned that many leaders of the state unit are not happy with the work of the new president. On the other hand, Delhi State President Adesh Gupta is also angry with the methods of these leaders. Along with this, senior spokesperson of Delhi BJP Praveen Shankar Kapoor is also angry with the party activities. It has been only a year since Delhi BJP President Adesh Gupta took over. The manner in which the party’s infighting has come to the fore in a year itself, it will be difficult for the BJP to win the corporation elections next year.

Bagga had contested the assembly elections in the year 2020 but he lost the election from Hari Nagar seat. Bagga wanted him to get some big responsibility in the party, but it did not happen. On the other hand, Shalini Dua has also been removed from the groups. She had joined Delhi BJP some time back. He was removed from the groups earlier this month. Sources said that he was re-added last Saturday. The media team of Delhi BJP has more than 25 spokespersons.

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