Diljit Dosanjh Responds To Kangana Ranaut’s “aab kahan chup ke baithe hain” Tweet With a Cryptic Post

In response to the recent action taken by Punjab Police against Amritpal Singh, a radical Sikh preacher and Khalistan supporter, Kangana Ranaut once again targeted Punjabi singer and actor Diljit Dosanjh. In turn, Diljit broke his social media silence by sharing a cryptic post after Kangana’s taunt.

On his Instagram stories, Diljit wrote in Punjabi, “May my Punjab remain prosperous,” along with a folded hand emoji. He did not offer a direct response to Kangana’s post.

Diljit Dosanjh post

Previously, Kangana Ranaut had warned Diljit Dosanjh of possible arrest by the police in a post on her social media account. In response to the recent action taken by Punjab Police, Diljit used the popular phrase “Polls Aa Gayi Polls” on social media. Kangana cautioned Diljit and other supporters of Khalistanis with a stern message on her Instagram story, stating that anyone attempting to betray or harm the country will face severe consequences. She warned them that the police are present and can take whatever action they deem necessary.

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In another post, Kangana Ranaut wrote, “Pehle toh yeh @diljitdosanjh badi dhamkiyaan deta tha, iske Khalistani supporters trended Kangana ko pel ( raped/f@&d) diya for one week, aab kahan chup ke baithe hain sab?? Kiss ke dum pe uchal rahe the aur aab kiske darr se dubak gaye hain ?? Please explain!!”

It should be noted that the social media feud between Kangana and Diljit Dosanjh began in 2020 when Diljit corrected Kangana’s false claim that the Shaheen Bagh grandmother, an elderly Sikh woman who participated in the farmer’s protest, was actually Bilkis Bano. This led to a Twitter war between the two, during which they both attacked each other quite fiercely.