Diljit Dosanjh raged again on Kangana Ranaut, says “Go away, don’t bore me”

After the tweet of Hollywood singer Rihana, the heat has started again about the Indian Farmers Protest. Kangana Ranaut has written a long and wide tweet telling Rihanna that the people who are protesting are terrorists, not farmers.

Kangana Ranaut wrote in the tweet, “Nobody is talking about them because these are not farmers but terrorists who are trying to divide India so that China can occupy us and build a Chinese colony.” Shut up idiot, we will not sell our nation like you. ‘

Sharing Mr Dosanjh’s post on ‘Riri’, Mr Ranaut tweeted in Hindi: “They also need to earn a rupee or two. Since when have you been planning this? It takes at least a month to release a song, and libru (short derogatory term for liberal) want us to believe it’s all organic. Ha ha.”

Diljit Dosanjh responded to Kangana’s tweet

The Punjabi rapper replied saying “2 Rupees.. don’t tell me what your job is. Made the song in half an hour.. I feel like making a song on you too..it will take 2 minutes.. everywhere you have to speak. Go away, don’t bore us. Do your work.”

After Kangana’s first tweet, the actress did not stop there and further went on to reply. Calling Diljit a Khalistani, she said, “Mera ek he kaam jai Desh Bhakti … wahi karti hoon sara din.. main toh wahi karungi lekin tera kaam tujhe nahin karne dungi Khalistani.” 

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She also added, “Teri Canada gang kuch bhi kar payegi … Khalistan sirf tum logon ke dimaag ka jo empty space hai uska naam rahega, hum iss desh ke tukde nahin hone denge, karlo jitne chahe dangge aur strikes #IndiaTogether #IndiaAgainstPropaganda .” 

Diljit in response to Kangana’s many tweets said, “We are also with India. Whoever is doing wrong, the Government will look into it. It is their duty. You and I cannot decide. I have noticed you take things out of proportion, you don’t stop at all. Go man, you’ve bored me enough.” 

Diljit Dosanjh has not responded for the first time on Kangana Ranaut’s tweet. They have also clashed some time ago due to the Indian farmers movement. The battle between Kangana Ranaut and Diljit Dosanjh was in the news for several days. After the fight of these two, many people on Twitter had also shared the memes, in which Kangana Ranaut was fiercely mocked.

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