Diljit Dosanjh joins protesting farmers at Delhi border, donated Rs 1 crore to buy winter-wear

Bollywood actor Diljit Dosanjh, who has won the hearts of everyone on social media, reached the Singhu border on Saturday evening to encourage the agitating farmers. After meeting the protesting farmers, Diljit also put his point in front of them.

Some pictures of Diljit who joined the farmers movement are becoming fiercely viral on social media. Diljit has shown solidarity with the protesting farmers by reaching the Singhu border in Delhi.

Diljit has also requested the government to accept the farmers’ demands. Diljit, who joined the farmers’ movement, said, “I want to tell the government not to let the issues go astray. Nothing else is happening here other than the farmer. Whatever the farmers want, the government should accept their demands. You can see that all the people are sitting peacefully and protesting. There is no bloodshed. Do not spread false rumors on social media. “

Diljit donated 1 crore

Punjabi singer and actor Diljit Dosanjh has donated one crore rupees to save the agitating farmers in Delhi from the cold. With this money, warm clothes will be provided to the farmers. In the cold weather, farmers and elders of Punjab are staging sit-ins on the border. In such a situation, Diljit has taken this step keeping in mind the winter season. Not just Diljit, but Punjabi singer Singha has revealed this in one of his video messages. He also thanked Diljit for his contribution.

Singha told that Diljit has done this big donation and did not try to make it a big deal. He also informed that with this money, warm clothes and blankets have been purchased for the elders who join the farmer movement. Singha also thanked Diljit Dosanjh on social media. He wrote on his Instagram story, “Thank you very much Diljit Dosanjh.”

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Kangana Ranaut and Diljit Dosanjh had a terrible fight after recently commenting on the farmers’ movement. During the fight, Diljit silenced Kangana Ranaut with his attendant reply. After the befitting replies given to Kangana, people are praising Diljit fiercely on social media.

On Wednesday, Diljit targeted Kangana while sharing a video interview of grandmother Mahinder Kaur who was involved in the farmers’ movement. Diljit said in his tweet, “No one should be so blind that she should start talking rubbish”

After this, Kangana retorted on Diljit, “O Karan Johar’s pet, the dadi protesting for her citizenship at Shaheen Bagh was the same Balkis Banu seen protesting for MSP of farmers. I don’t even know Mahinder Kaur Ji, if have you played the drama? Now stop it. “

After this, Diljit took a dig at Kangana and said, “You are the pet of all the people with whom you are in the film ….? Then the list will be long.” “You know it well how to provoke people by lying and playing with emotions.”

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