‘Didn’t get love after adopting Sanatan Dharma, feels like committing suicide’: Wasim Rizvi who converted to Jitendra Tyagi

Wasim Rizvi aka Jitendra Tyagi is currently in depression. He himself has given information about this through a video. In this video, he is also seen talking about suicide. Some time back, he converted from Wasim Rizvi to Jitendra Tyagi, but now he says that he has not got that love and respect in Sanatan Dharma, like an old relative gets on his return home. However, in the video, he is also seen advocating his decision to adopt Sanatan Dharma and also saying that he is in Sanatan Dharma and will remain in Sanatan Dharma till his death.

He said, “The step I have taken has been taken very carefully. Many people talked to me on the phone about what you got by going to Sanatan Dharma. I understand that at that time I was troubled by the terrorist activities and Islamic Jihad and the fundamentalist education and Islamic cruelty being given to children in Islam.

Jitendra Tyagi further said, “1400 years ago I don’t know after how many races we returned to our home and after returning home, we accepted Sanatan Dharma because we were already influenced by Sanatan Dharma. Mahadev, Lord Shri Ram, Gods and Goddesses, Lord Shri Krishna and especially Hindu culture.”

He praised the attitude and thoughts of the Hindu society and said that he was already influenced, so he considered it good to return home. He says that after returning home to Sanatan Dharma, he did not get the love that the old relative should get on his return. Jitendra Tyagi further said that he is in a lot of depression and he doesn’t know where his life lies ahead. He said, “It’s better to end my life by myself than dying from enemies but I am in Sanatan and will remain in Sanatan Dharma till my death.”

Check out the video:

He said, “Even today I consider the decision to return to Sanatan Dharma correct, but it was a little regret that such an attitude was adopted with me that there is a lot of love among the members of the house at that time, but I do not know why, I don’t think that I got that love.”

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