Didi’s ‘surgical strike’ in BJP camp in West Bengal, Wife of BJP MP Soumitra Khan joins TMC

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has made a big dent in the BJP camp in the state. On Monday, Sujata Mandal Khan, wife of BJP MP Soumitra Khan, joined TMC. She said that she has joined the party after seeing CM Mamata Banerjee as she is the most popular female leader of the country. It is under her leadership that she joined the TMC to take Bengal ahead. Veteran TMC leader and MP Saugata Roy and party spokesperson Kunal Ghosh were present on the occasion. After joining TMC, Sujatha Mandal targeted all the leaders including Shubhendu Adhikari to leave the party.

The wife of MP Soumitra Khan, without naming any leader, said that she did not join Mamta Banerjee’s party with any facility. As other leaders are continuously joining from one party to another. She said that after taking a good look on those who leaving TMC you will find that they have got full comfort in TMC but when got a feeling that they won’t get ticket this time they are leaving TMC to join BJP.

She said that such leaders are therefore moving to another party for a good time. Here she allegedly targeted Shubhendu Adhikari who left TMC and went to BJP. Sujata Mandal said that she is not like other leaders who change the party. After joining TMC, Sujata Mandal said that she will take full care of the party from today.

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Bishunpur MP Soumitra Khan gave this response. He said that without telling me, the wife decided to join TMC. Meanwhile, Prashant Kishore, an election strategist and an associate of TMC in Bengal, tweeted a tweet. He said that the media has spread excessively about the BJP. But the reality is that in Bengal, the saffron party will have to struggle to cross the double-digit mark.

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