Dharmendra tweets in support of farmers’, deletes post after getting trolled

Now Bollywood actors are also raising their voice in support of the farmers movement. There was a lot of ruckus about it on Thursday. Kangana Ranaut and Diljit Dosanjh confronted each other on this issue. Both of them kept fighting on Twitter throughout the day. Meanwhile, veteran actor Dharmendra made a tweet about the farmers but deleted it shortly afterwards.

In fact, Dharmendra wrote on his Twitter account, tweeting, ‘Pray to the government … find a solution to the problems of the farmer brothers soon. Corona cases are increasing in Delhi … It hurts me. He deleted this tweet after some time but by then many people had taken a screenshot of it.

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A user tagged Dharmendra wrote, ‘Punjabi icon Dharmendra Deol tweeted this tweet 13 hours ago. But then deleted. There must have been some compulsions, there is no infidelity like this. Dharmendra could not stop himself from seeing this tweet.

Responding to this user, he wrote, ‘After being saddened by similar comments of yours, I deleted my tweet .. Please abuse me, I am happy in your happiness … Yes … For my farmer brothers… I am very sad… The government should find a solution quickly, we have no one to hear.

Significantly, Dharmendra’s son Sunny Deol is a BJP MP from Gurdaspur, while wife Hema Malini is a BJP MP from Mathura, so many people are questioning even if they delete their tweets.

By the way, Dharmendra always tweets very carefully on social media. There are rare occasions when he too has to face trolling. But the controversy that has put many people in trouble, now Dharmendra is also seen getting upset due to the same reason. Taunts are being tightened against him too.

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