Dhanashree Verma breaks silence on rift with Yuzvendra Chahal in a long post, Chahal also reacts

Everything is going well in the life of Indian Cricket team leg-spinner Yuzvendra Chahal and his relationship with wife Dhanashree Verma is also fine. Both Chahal and Dhanashree have already made it clear that all is well between them and the rumors of their break-up should be put to rest. Now by sharing a long post on social media, Dhanashree has also told how much trouble is there in her personal life and how much such rumours have increased her trouble.

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Dhanashree has told that she had fallen during the dance and suffered a serious knee injury. She has broken a ligament and will have to undergo surgery to dance again. It will take her months to start dancing again after the surgery. She is currently in a lot of pain and is on bed rest. It is very difficult for her to even walk inside the house.

Dhanashree Verma has told that she was already in pain due to the injury. It was difficult for her to accept that she would not be able to dance for several months now, which she loves dearly. After this some people started spreading rumors of her breaking up with Chahal. These things had no basis, but were ‘hurtful’ and ‘hateful’.

She also wrote that she got through the difficult phase during her injury thanks to support from Chahal, among others

Dhanashree has further written that she has learned a lot from this incident. Now she is stronger and wiser than before. She is sure that she will overcome this difficulty too and will dance again after the surgery. In the end she has asked everyone to spread happiness and love. Ignore everything else.

On Dhanashee’s post, Chahal also left a comment, saying: “My woman.”

What is the matter?
Dhanshree Verma had removed the Chahal surname from her name on her Instagram profile. Meanwhile, Chahal had put up a story, in which it was written that ‘new life is loading’. After this, Dhanashree also wrote in a post that ‘a princess converts her pain into her strength’. After this there were rumors that all is not well between the two and Chahal-Dhanshree’s relationship may end. However, both of them later denied these things. After Dhanashree’s latest post, it is clear that the ‘pain’ she was talking about was about her leg injury.

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