‘Dead bodies floating in the Ganges belong to Nigeria’: Kangana Ranaut

The number of people who died from the coronavirus epidemic in India is not decreasing. According to government statistics, every day around 4 thousand people are dying of Covid infection. In Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, bodies have been seen flowing in the river Ganges. There are also reports that corpses are being buried in the sand on the banks of the river. Meanwhile, some disturbing pictures are going viral on social media in which dogs, eagles and crows are seen hovering over dead bodies flowing in the river Ganges. But Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut told these pictures are of Nigeria after which she is being trolled a lot on social media.

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Kangana Ranaut shared a video on her Instagram account in which she said that there are some people in our country who are defaming the country by spreading such pictures. Kangana said in the video, “The pictures where the corpses are floating in the Ganges are going viral, it is learned that they are from Nigeria.” All these people here are stabbing us in the back. ‘

Kangana Ranaut is being trolled on social media for remarks on Nigeria

Retired IAS officer Surya Pratap Singh has also taken a dig at Kangana’s remarks. He tweeted, “The corpses floating in the Ganges belong to Nigeria – Kangana Ranaut. I had no idea that cities like Unnao, Ballia, Kanpur are in Nigeria ‘

However, users are also reacting heavily to Surya Pratap Singh’s tweet. A user by name Shashi Shekhar wrote, ‘By saying this Kangana is trying to solve the dead bodies found on the banks of the river in Uttar Pradesh in the same way as the Prime Minister tries to solve the country’s problem by talking in ‘Mann ki Baat’. ‘

A Twitter user named Santosh writes, ‘Ganges flows in 28 districts of UP. Ask her, does she know their names? Inform me if Nigeria is nearest to any of these. And she is victim of mental insolvency, her words should not be taken care seriously. ‘


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