#DarrGayaYogi: Trending on Twitter as Yogi’s minister escapes away a debate with Manish Sisodia on education

#DarrGayaYogi trending on Twitter as Manish Sisodia, Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi’s Aam Aadmi Party government, reached Lucknow on Tuesday and kept waiting for the UP government minister for an open debate at Gandhi Smarak Bhavan. On the chair next to him, he had also written the name of Yogi government minister Siddharth Nath Singh. He challenged the debate on education and health. In the press conference, AAP leaders did not respond to the question of the Corona infection being uncontrolled in Delhi. Later, when he was going to see a school of Basic Education Council at Utretia in Lucknow, the police stopped him. He was later sent to the VIP guest house.

Sisodia, along with Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) MP Sanjay Singh, placed a banner leg in the press conference, which was written as ‘Kejriwal Model of Delhi vs Yogi Model of UP’. Both leaders sat here for a long time. Later left after talking to reporters. MP Sanjay Singh said that UP Minister Siddharth Nath Singh had challenged Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia for an open debate on education. Accepting this challenge, Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia reached Lucknow but no one came for the debate. The request to decide the time and place for the debate was constantly made but no response was received. Deputy Chief Minister Sisodia said that the Delhi government does not make false declarations. The Delhi government has shown its declarations into reality. He invites everyone to take stock of education and health in Delhi.

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After the press conference, when he was going to take stock of a primary school in Utretia, the police stopped his convoy before PGI. When he spoke to Lucknow Police Commissioner DK Thakur on the phone, he said that your schedule has been set. If you want to go somewhere else, please inform him, he will be allowed under the process. Sisodia was enraged at this statement of the police commissioner. He said that he is not asking for permission, who is he to grant permission? Later, the police sent him to the VIP guest house. Earlier on arrival at the airport, the police challaned the vehicles of AAP leaders. Vehicles were randomly parked at the airport.

Here are some of the tweets from the #DarrGayaYogi trend:

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