Dalit man stabbed to death over inter-faith marriage, The girl said-Nagaraju even wanted to convert to Islam but…’

Dalit man stabbed to death over inter-faith marriage: A heart-wrenching incident came to light in Hyderabad on Thursday. Here a Dalit youth, B Nagaraju, had married a Muslim girl, Syed Ashrin Sulthana. The girl’s family members stabbed the dalit man to death. Surprisingly, this incident happened at a busy road in Saroornagar, the woman kept kept crying and pleading but no one came to her help. Eventually the young man lost his life and the accused fled from there leaving him covered in blood.

The incident took place in Saroornagar on Wednesday night. The Muslim woman had married a Dalit youth against the wishes of her family members. The family members of the woman were angry with this. On Wednesday night, she was going on a scooter with her husband when the woman’s brother and some relatives attacked him.

Dalit man stabbed to death over inter-faith marriage

The couple had been in a relationship for the last few years and got married on January 22 this year. in Arya Samaj against Ashrin’s parents’ will. Nagaraju was a resident of Marredpally, Secunderabad an he was working as a salesman in a branded showroom.

“My Raju was killed in full public view, near the traffic signal. I fell at everyone’s feet. Why did no one come to help?” asked Syed Ashrin Sulthana, whose husband was stabbed to death on a busy road in Hyderabad on Wednesday, 4 May

“Could they not see when he was being killed in front of them? Doesn’t this world have eyes? I fell at the feet of everyone. If I had died, I would not have been so shattered. I laid on my Raju to save him but one person (attacker) kept pulling me back, while the other kept attacking him. Raju was wearing a helmet, but they broke his head,” Sulthana said to the reporters.

The Saroornagar police on Thursday, May 5, arrested two accused – Syed Mobin Ahmed and  Mohammed Masood Ahmed – on charges of killing B Nagaraju, a Dalit man, for marrying the prime accused’s sister, Syed Ashrin Sultana. 

Dalit man stabbed to death over inter-faith marriage

“Syed Mobin Ahmed pushed him to the ground and started beating him with a centering iron rod (used in constructions) on his head indiscriminately. He then started stabbing the victim with a knife which he had, whereas the second accused, Masood Ahmed, continued hitting him with the rod on the head. After confirming that he was dead, they fled away with the weapons,” the Saroor Nagar Police said.

Syed Ashrin Sulthana, the victim’s wife, said that five men were involved in the attack. Ashrin told the media that they were in a relationship since Class 10, and despite Nagaraju approaching her family expressing his intention to marry her, they declined the proposal. “He even told my mother that he will convert to Islam, but still they never accepted the proposal,” Ashrin said.

Dalit man stabbed to death over inter-faith marriage

Nagraj, 25, lived in Billapuram, Hyderabad. He married 23-year-old Syed Sultana only two months ago. Both had known each other for 11 years. Many videos of this murder are going viral on social media. From blood-soaked corpse lying on the road to the woman pleading, videos have come to the fore.

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