Cricketer Sandeep Sharma pens hard-hitting note, questions ‘logic’ behind criticism of Rihanna over farmers’ protest

International singer Rihanna, who has tweeted in support of the farmers’ movement, has now got the support of the cricketer Sandeep Sharma. Sunrisers Hyderabad fast bowler Sandeep Sharma has come to the rescue of the pop singer amid criticism from many cricketers. Sharma has slammed the Indian government and several veteran cricketers for retracting on an internal case tweet. He supported Rihanna by writing a long post in the story of his social media account and presented his views on the matter. However, Sharma later deleted the post.

Sandeep Sharma wrote in his post, ‘Rihanna appealed to the world to support the farmers. Many people, including the Ministry of External Affairs, opposed the support of farmers by the famous singer Rihanna and described it as an internal matter of India. But with this logic, no one should care about each other because everything is someone’s internal matter. ‘

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He further wrote, “According to this logic, no outsider should speak on the genocide of Hindus, Ahmadis, Christians and Sikhs in Pakistan because it is their internal matter.”

Sandeep also expressed his opposition to the internal matter, citing the genocide by the Nazi government in Germany, the blacks in the US, the atrocities with the Uygars in China and the 1984 violence with Sikhs and Muslims in India.

Sandeep Sharma’s note:
Deleted Tweet

It is worth mentioning that the agitation of farmers is going on in different regions of the country in protest against the three agricultural laws passed by the central government last year. Farmers have been demonstrating for two and a half months on the borders adjacent to the capital Delhi and demanding withdrawal of agricultural laws. At the same time, a new controversy has started after the famous pop singer Rihanna supported the farmers movement in this matter.

Supporting and opposing groups came face-to-face with a tweet supporting farmers, sharing a report related to the peasant movement by a famous Caribbean singer. While the Indian government raised a strong objection against Rihanna’s tweet, many cricketers also expressed their opposition, calling it an internal matter of the country.

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