Covid vaccine controversy: Hindu Mahasabha asks people to avoid Covid vaccines, says – it contains cow blood

Under increasing threat of Coronavirus the whole country’s eye on vaccination (Corona Vaccine). In such a situation, the controversy about vaccine has increased once again. This time the Swami of the Hindu Mahasabha has made a big statement about the vaccine.

Swami Chakrapani questioned the vaccine and asked people not to use it. He has also given the reason for not using Corona’s vaccine. Let us tell you that earlier Muslim organizations have also spoken about not using the Corona vaccine.

Swami Chakrapani of the Hindu Mahasabha claimed that the corona vaccine contains cow’s blood. Therefore it should not be allowed to be used in the country. The special thing is that Chakrapani has also sent a memorandum regarding this to President Ramnath Kovind.

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Do not use till
Swami Chakrapani has said in a memorandum to the President that unless it is clear how the vaccine has been made and it does not affect or corrupt the religion of any person, it should not be used in India.

However, Swami also believed that the corona should be eradicated from the country and soon a vaccine should be introduced, but due to this, his religion cannot be destroyed.

Swami Chakrapani said- Whenever a medicine or product is developed, what it contains should also be provided. In such a situation, one should also get information about the corona vaccine.

He said that we have received such information that cow’s blood has been used in the vaccine prepared in America. In Sanatan Dharma, cow is considered as mother and in such a situation, if the blood of cow is transported in our body then it will harm our religion.

Swami also said that this conspiracy has been going on for years to end Sanatan Dharma. For this reason, we want to know that if any vaccine is coming for Corona, then it should also be given full information about it first.

Not only this, they demand that the government should make public all information about the corona vaccine. Even though the information about the vaccine in America has been revealed, but all the information about the vaccine coming in India in future should also be shared

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