Covid returns to China, world’s largest electronic market temporarily shutdown

Covid-19 cases are increasing rapidly once again in China. In view of the danger, the government has decided to impose a lockdown for 4 days in the world’s largest electronics retail market located in Huaqiangbei, Shenzhen. The South China Morning Post reported that the Shenzhen government in Huaqiangbei has stopped conducting business activities to prevent the outbreak of Corona. This is part of a series of comprehensive measures initiated by the government to prevent corona.

On the other hand, due to the closure of the electronic market for 4 days, the supply of electronic items may be affected worldwide. In fact, Huaqiangbei district, a global electronics sourcing hub, has been ordered to close from Monday. Under the order, the markets will remain closed till Thursday.

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The government has asked all other businesses and institutions to close except supermarkets, restaurants and medical companies. The restaurant will also have the facility to take home only food. Right now there is a ban on eating while sitting. For the time being, all dine-in services have been suspended. On the other hand, a complete lockdown has also been imposed in Guiyuan, Nanhu and Sungang sub-districts in Luohu. Schools have been closed in many areas and online classes have been started.

The city of Shenzhen, with a population of more than 17 million, managed to contain the outbreak of Covid-19 within a week in March this year and proved it as a model of effective governance. According to local reports, when 11 confirmed cases of Covid-19 were found in Shenzhen on Monday, the government decided to lockdown. 24 metro stations have also been closed.

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