“Covid-19 gives a ‘fake sense of recovery'”; Kangana Ranaut urges everyone to not underestimate the recovery period

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut is very active on social media. Kangana defeated Covid-19 about two weeks ago, since then she has been sharing her experiences related to Covid. In such a situation, Kangana has now shared the After Covid-Care Story.

Kangana Ranaut has shared a video of about four minutes on Instagram. In the video, Kangana is saying, ‘I have been telling my journey of corona, which has been my fight against corona and today I will share my experience of recovery of corona. As I told you that my experience of Corona was like a common cold.

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Kangana further says, ‘Friends, many such things happened to me during the recovery from Corona which never happened to me. I have always seen that when you are ill, once you start recovering, it is a perpetual journey forward. But one shocking thing I realized in the case of Corona is that it gives you false recovery.

Kangana further said, ‘Like in a day or two after I tested negative, I felt that I have been completely recovered and can do any work easily. But it was a false recovery, as soon as I tried to do something, I am again a victim of relapse, I can’t even get out of bed. This virus is genetically modified, which mutates our body’s response.’

At the end of the video, Kangana says, ‘It gives us false recovery, after which people are dying due to organ failure. Friends, this recovery is very important. This virus, it starts its real work after you test negative. Even after recovery, many relapses happened with me. I talked to many people and doctors, I want to say that take full care of your rest period. Let’s end this virus together, Jai Hind.’

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