‘Congress is responsible for my four children’: BJP MP Ravi Kishan

Bharatiya Janata Party MP Ravi Kishan has said that he is going to bring a bill on population control. Ravi Kishan, superstar of Bhojpuri films and MP from Gorakhpur, also said that he himself is a father of 4 children and therefore knows what is the loss of a large family. Ravi Kishan blamed the Congress for his large family and said that if the law had been made earlier, he would not have had 4 children.

In a TV interview, Ravi Kishan said that he is going to bring a private member’s bill in Parliament. He said, “I have four children. As a father, I know their upbringing was a struggle during that time. When I started having children, I saw my wife, she was tall, thin, I saw her body deteriorating after first delivery. At the same time I was immature, struggling, shooting, hence third and fourth children were born.”

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Ravi Kishan further said, “When life came to a standstill, maturity came, life became somewhat stable, now when I see her (wife) I feel sad.” When anchor asked, “People will say that you have done it yourself, now you are stopping others.” To which Ravi Kishan said, “If Congress had brought this bill first, we would have stopped.” People started laughing as soon as he said this. Along with Ravi Kishan, MP Manoj Tiwari was also present in the program, who has recently become the father of the third child.

Manoj Tiwari said that if there have been mistakes in the past, it does not mean that we will continue to make mistakes in the future. You have to wake up someday. Ravi Kishan interrupted and said, “It was not a mistake. I won’t call it a mistake. If Congress had made the law, we would not have done this. Congress is at fault, the government was theirs. They had the law. We were not aware, we were children, we were playing, jumping, taking a swing in life.”

BJP MP further said that he knows that he will be accused, there will be trolling. But he has an answer ready. He will tell why he wants a population control law even after being the father of 4 children himself.