‘Competing hard to prove himself fool’: Akshay Kumar gets history lessons from netizens for his ‘history textbooks’ remark

Akshay Kumar gets history lessons from netizens: Actor Akshay Kumar has given an interview to news agency ANI ahead of the release of his upcoming film ‘Samrat Prithviraj’. In this interview, apart from the things related to the film, Akshay Kumar has also talked about the country’s education system, history. During the interview, Akshay Kumar has appealed to the government to teach children about the kings of the country.

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Talking to ANI, Akshay Kumar said, “Nobody is there to write about it in our history books. I would like to appeal to the Education Minister to look into this matter and see if we can balance it. We should know about Mughals but know about our kings also, they were great too.”

In another video posted by the news agency ANI, the actor said, “Unfortunately, our history textbooks only have 2-3 lines about Samrat Prithviraj Chauhan, but a lot has been mentioned about the invaders. There is hardly anything mentioned about our culture and our Maharajas.”

Soon after the videos were posted on Twitter, a lot of social media users started slamming Akshay Kumar calling his statement incorrect and even threw light on his poor educational qualification. The Khiladi actor is now being brutally trolled on Twitter where the netizens are asking the actor to go and read NCERT books.

Reacting to his statement, Twitterati started trolling the actor. Journalist Rohini Singh wrote that “If only this Canadian citizen had studied history in Indian schools he would have read about all the dynasties and rulers including Mughals and Hindu kings. Little knowledge is a dangerous thing.”

Former cricketer and Congress leader Kirti Azad responded, “He admitted he failed thrice from 7th to 10th standard. @akshaykumar got his knowledge from #WhatsAAP university. Moral of the story::: “Read books not WhatsAAP”

Aalishaan Jaffrey wrote that ‘Why Prithviraj Chauhan will be taught in Canada.’ Journalist Madhurendra Kumar wrote that ‘Now actors will also teach history! To sell your film, do PR, not propaganda.

One netizen wrote, “Clearly @akshaykumar never went to school in India or studied from NCERT textbooks. He must have been tutored in RSS shakhas.” Another Twitter user tweeted, “I think he needs to read NCERT history books, especially class 7.”

One user wrote, “This is the chap who failed a couple of times before he reached 10th standard who is now telling us how textbooks should be written. Amazing!” 

Checkout some of the tweets below:

Akshay Kumar gets history lessons from netizens
Akshay Kumar gets history lessons from netizens
Akshay Kumar gets history lessons from netizens
Akshay Kumar gets history lessons from netizens
Akshay Kumar gets history lessons from netizens

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