CO of Indian Army writes to Sonu Sood for help in setting up Covid care facility at Military Station

During the crisis, social media has become an important medium to ask for help. People are not only seeking help from each other but some famous faces are also trying to reach every needy. One such name is of Sonu Sood. But now a commanding officer(CO) of the Indian Army has sought help from Sonu Sood for setting up Covid care facility at Military Station in Jaisalmer.

According to the news of The Indian Express, the Commanding Officer of an Infantry Battalion stationed in Jaisalmer has written a letter urging Sonu Sood to help in providing equipment for the Covid facility. This letter has become viral on social media.

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In this letter dated May 13, the CO of the battalion told Sonu Sood that the army was building a 200-bed Covid Care Center at Jaisalmer Military Station.

Facilities asked from Sonu Sood

The CO mentioned some of the equipment that would be necessary for the hospital. Such as – four ICU beds, 10 oxygen concentrators, 10 jumbo oxygen cylinders, an X-ray machine and two 15 KVA generators.
The army commander requested Sood to get this equipment under ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’. It was said in the letter that this work of Sood will be remembered.

The news of the Indian Express says that a senior officer of the Army Headquarters in Delhi has confirmed that a letter has been written to Sonu Sood.

However, the officer said that it seems that this letter has been written in ‘extreme enthusiasm’. The Army has built Covid Hospitals with its resources to help the State Governments in many places across the country. A 50-bed hospital in Sriganganagar, Rajasthan has been operational since May 21.

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