Clouds of allegations deepen against NCB, two new videos show BJP leader, private detective going inside NCB office just before the raid

NCP leader Nawab Malik has released two more videos in Aryan Khan drugs case. In the video, Kiran P. Gosavi and Manish Bhanushali are seen going inside and exiting the NCB office. Let us inform you that on 6 October, Nawab Malik held a press conference. In this, he had termed NCB’s action on Shahrukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan as a fake publicity case. Through some pictures, he had told how the people of BJP were involved in this entire action.

What’s in the new video?
NCP leader Nawab Malik tweeted a video late on 6 October. In this, Kiran P Gosavi and Manish Bhanushali are seen sitting in the car after leaving the NCB office. This video is of 19 seconds.

Nawab Malik also tweeted the video of these two people going to the NCB office –

What allegations did Nawab Malik make in the press conference?
NCP leader Nawab Malik had alleged in a press conference on October 6 that BJP people were also involved in the NCB raid in which Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan was caught. The purpose of NCB was only to trap people. He took the names of two people in the press conference. One, Kiran P Gosavi and the other Manish Bhanushali. He said that both of them are not part of the NCB team but are visible during the entire raid.

There is another video, in which a man named Manish Bhanushali was seen bringing Arbaaz Merchant to the NCB office. Manish Bhanushali is the Vice President of some wing of BJP. Photos of Bhanushali with PM Modi, JP Nadda, Devendra Fadnavis can be seen on his social media profile.

Who are P Gosavi and Manish Bhanushali?
A selfie went viral after the arrest in the drugs case. In this, a man was seen smiling with Aryan Khan. People said that now NCB people are also taking selfie with Aryan. NCB issued a statement saying that this person is not an employee of NCB. Then the question arose that if this man is not from NCB, then how did he reach Aryan during the raid?

Nawab Malik answered this question in the press conference. He told that the name of this person is Kiran Gosai. He is a private detective. In 2018, a case of cheating is also registered against him in Pune. He used to run a company named KPG Dreamz Solutions. It is alleged that his company used to cheat people in the name of getting jobs abroad. According to the newspaper Mumbai Mirror, Gosavi’s company has been registered with the police for allegedly cheating a boy of 3.09 lakhs in the name of getting a job in a Malaysian hotel.

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After this picture of Kiran Gosavi went viral, NCB had to say that it has nothing to do with this person.
The case of Manish Bhanushali is even more interesting. In the Press Confrence, Nawab Malik showed the video of ANI and said that the person who is taking Arbaaz Merchant, one of the people caught in the drugs party, is the Vice President of BJP. Manish is seen wearing a red shirt in the video.

Let us inform that on 3 October, Shahrukh Khan’s son Aryan was arrested by the NCB in the drugs party case on the cruise ship. NCB claims that a large number of drugs were found in the raid. NCB has accused Aryan Khan of buying, possessing and using banned substances. At present, Aryan is in the remand of NCB. Here the police have arrested a foreign national in the drugs case on the cruise ship on the night of 6 October. NCB claims that commercial quantity of mephedrone (MD) was recovered from it. So far 18 people have been arrested in this case.

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