Claim of surgical strike by journos turned out to be fake, the Congress leader asked- Rubika Ji, is this not journalism with blind faith?

The hashtags #AirStrike and #FakeNews were trending on social media since morning today. In fact, on November 19, by the dock media of India, PTI was quoted by several news channels as fake news that India has made another surgical strike in PoK.

In fact, a video of ABP News’s news anchor Rubika Liaquat is going viral on social media.

In which she is claiming that the information is that there were as many launching pads of terrorists in the area of ​​PoK. India has targeted them on them.

In these strikes, all those areas are being targeted one by one. We are taking action using anti-tank missiles and artillery. The army of Hind is now taking revenge one by one.

This time Pakistan is being understood in a way that your gimmick is too much. If you infiltrate Kashmir, we will send it directly to the cemetery.

Now the Indian Army has denied the fake news run by the dock media. Lt. General Paramjit Singh, director general of military operations of the Indian Army, said that reports of Indian Army’s action in PoK across LoC are fake.

Significantly, the Indian Army has made it clear that no action has been taken by them on PoK.

In this case, Congress leader Srinivas BV shared a video of Rubika Liaqaat’s fake reporting and wrote, “If this is not blind devotee kind of journalism? Japnam – Japnam! “

Along with this, in another tweet, the Congress leader wrote that “Thankfully the Indian Army has proved the surgical news of BJP-MEDIA as fake news ..! Otherwise the chanting mantra of Modi devotees was ready ..!”

This matter is not limited here. Some so-called nationalist anchors, who have been beating the drum of nationalism every day, left no stone unturned to spread this rumor even through their personal Twitter accounts in exaggeration.

For example, Anjana Om Kashyam, executive editor of ‘Aaj Tak’ tweeted at 7: 4 minutes – ‘One of the biggest operations of Indian Army in POK, the biggest operation ever in PoK!’

But when this news proved to be false, Anjana deleted this tweet and wrote a second tweet after half an hour and wrote – Army has denied any kind of military strike in POK today.

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