Christian population in Australia reduced to less than 50% for the 1st time in history, Hinduism and Islam booming

In Australia, a census is conducted once every five years. The latest census that was conducted in Australia took place in the year 2021 and the data of this census has been released last week. According to this new census, the population of Australia has increased from ’23 million’ to ’55 million’ within the last five years. According to this figure, the population of Australia has increased by 21 million in the last five years.

‘For the first time in Australian history’

The biggest advantage of conducting a census is that the size of the country can be accurately estimated in the future. For the first time in the history of Australia, the number of people who describe themselves as Christians within the country has come down to less than 50 percent.

‘The decline in the number of Christians’

The Australia Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has reported that only 44 per cent of Christians remain within the country, compared to 90 per cent 50 years ago. Significantly, despite the decline in the number of Christians, the number of Christians still remains the highest within the country. On the second number, there is a high population of people who do not believe in any religion.

‘Hindu and Islam the fastest growing religion at present’
The number of those who do not believe in any religion has increased to 39 percent. Significantly, Hinduism and Islam are currently the fastest growing religions within Australia. It is to be noted here that despite the rapid growth, the number of people following both the religions is only 3-3 percent. In 2016, Australia had a Hindu population (1.9%) and a Muslim population (2.6%) within Australia.

Significantly, Australia is much more diverse at the present time than before. It is worth noting here that at present, more than half of the population of Australia, which is a large section, is born abroad, either one of their mother or father was born abroad. The people of India, leaving China and New Zealand behind there, have now come at number three.

‘The most popular language other than English is either Chinese or Arabic’

There is a section of 20 percent of the people of Australia who speak a language other than English within their homes. The number of such people has increased by about 8 lakh between 2016 and 2021. The most common language other than English within Australia is either Chinese or Arabic.

‘Australian cities worst in terms of home buying’

According to statistics, it has been found that about 25 years ago, a quarter of the people used to buy a house in Australia, but in the current era, buying a house in Australia is no longer easy. According to a report in 2022, the cities of Australia come in the ranking of the worst in terms of buying a house.

According to the census data, it has also been found that there has been an increase in the number of people within the country who are moving towards other options for living. For example, the number of people keeping caravans within the country has increased by about 150 percent. Caravan is quite famous in Australia.

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