Chitra Tripathi’s Selective Outrage Against NSA Act On Manish Kashyap Receives Backlash From Netizens

Tamil Nadu Police imposed the National Security Act (NSA) on Bihar-based YouTuber Manish Kashyap, who was arrested by Bihar Police’s economic offences unit (EOU) on March 18 for circulating fake videos of Bihari migrant labourers being attacked in Tamil Nadus, has sparked a debate on social media. Aaj Tak anchor Chitra Tripathi tweeted her disagreement with the decision to impose NSA on Kashyap, stating that it would ruin his entire career. However, her tweet received backlash from several people who pointed out that the YouTuber’s actions had far-reaching consequences.

Chitra Tripathi tweeted, “It is completely wrong to impose NSA. If a young person makes a mistake, then you should correct and discipline them instead of ruining their entire career by imposing NSA on them.”

However, netizens criticized Tripathi’s selective outrage and pointed out that many young people had their careers ruined due to the imposition of NSA. The reply also mentioned doctors and journalists who had been subjected to similar treatment. A user pointed out about the media’s failure to raise its voice during Siddique Kappan’s time and how it contributed to the harsh action taken against him. Netizens also highlighted the media’s tendency to raise voices based on caste and religion.

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One of the replies accused Kashyap of spreading fake news to create tension throughout the state and stated that he was not a journalist. The reply also mentioned the merciless killing of a community and criticized Chitra Tripathi for not speaking out against it. Another reply accused Tripathi of having fake nationalism and stated that she would have reacted differently if the imposition of NSA was done by a BJP-ruled state.

One of the replies accused Tripathi of being intellectually dishonest and a hypocrite for defending a fake news peddler and a hate monger. The reply mentioned how Tripathi used the government’s lines to attack Muslim journalist Siddiqui Kappan, who was charged with NSA for merely doing his job of reporting. Another reply talked about how the Delhi media shed tears for Kashyap but failed to speak for Kashmiri journalists who had been booked under UAPA/PSA.

One user accused Tripathi of being a chip anchor and questioned why she had not raised her voice when Siddique Kappan was intentionally put behind bars under UAPA, which ruined his career. The reply also mentioned Umar Khalid and other students and activists who had been jailed due to UAPA.

Checkout some of the tweets:

The tweet and its replies reflect the differing opinions on the imposition of NSA on a fake news peddler. While some believe that it is wrong to ruin a young person’s career, others point out the consequences of spreading fake news and the need to hold such people accountable. The debate also highlights the media’s selective outrage and tendency to raise voices based on caste and religion. Overall, the issue raises important questions about the role of the media and the need for accountability in journalism.