Chirag Paswan said – Assembly elections can happen anytime, told the workers – be ready

Lok Janshakti Party turns 20 today. Today, the Foundation Day celebrations of the party are being celebrated. Party chief Chirag Paswan is in Patna to attend the event. Meanwhile, Chirag has issued a letter asking the party leaders and workers to be ready while issuing the possibility of the next elections in the state.

Referring to the recently concluded Bihar assembly elections, Chirag Paswan has written that the party performed well in the Bihar assembly elections. LJP received 24 lakh votes in this election. He said that the party got about 6 percent of the vote despite going it alone in the election ground. This proves that LJP is continuously expanding. He said that in Bihar the party never made any agreement with its vision Bihar 1 st Bihari 1st.

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Chirag’s party, which came out on the road in Patna against the new decree of the debt-ridden government due to Corona lockdown, came alone in Bihar elections despite being part of the LJP NDA. LJP had taken this decision after not getting the seat according to the mood in the NDA, although LJP could get only 1 seat in this election.

Referring to this, Chirag said that in order to fight the ‘Bihar First Bihari First’ vision, it decided to contest the elections alone by rejecting the 15 seats given by the alliance. It is noteworthy that LJP had fielded candidates for 135 seats. In the letter, Chirag has written that the public has appreciated Bihar 1st Bihari 1st Vision Document a lot. Along with this, the party has gained a lot of strength by continuously joining with the party.

Referring to the 2015 assembly elections, Chirag said that the party had contested the coalition in that election. Still at that time the party had won only two seats. So, if that election is compared with this election, then this time the party’s performance is better. He also said that the next election in Bihar could be held before 2025. He called for it to be prepared. Chirag said that a lot has been learned from the Bihar Assembly elections. LJP workers have to set a target of 243 seats so that the party can keep its vision for Bihar in all 243 seats.

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