‘Checked for 4 months, getting vaccinated does not make impotent’: BJP MLA Sanjay Pathak

Strange statements of leaders regarding the Covid-19 vaccine have been coming since the beginning. This time on the occasion of Independence Day, a statement of BJP MLA and former Minister of State Sanjay Pathak is going viral on social media during the dedication of Thana Bhawan. A strange video of Sanjay Pathak, BJP MLA from Vijayraghavgarh assembly in Katni district explaining to people about the Covid-19 vaccine, is becoming very viral on social media and people are taking jibes on him.

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Addressing the people during the inauguration of the police station building at Barhi in Vijayraghavgarh assembly constituency on August 15, MLA Sanjay Pathak said that those who did not get the vaccine, they should definitely get the vaccine. Many fools say that people become impotent by getting vaccinated. MLA Pathak said that I too got the vaccine and after hearing this, I also got tensed. Then checked myself for three to four months.

After this strange explanation of the BJP MLA, the people present there started laughing. People on social media said that people should avoid giving such advice on public platform. Meanwhile, the BJP MLA advised the people that they should not worry about the vaccine and must get the vaccine done.

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