“Chaudhary is the deadliest combination of blackmailing with top class flattery”: Senior journalist Ajit Anjum takes a royal dig at Sudhir Chaudhary

Hindi news channel ‘Zee News’ editor and anchor Sudhir Chaudhary has once again come under the target of social media users for one of his tweets, people are trolling him fiercely by taking a jibe at his tweet. Senior journalist Ajit Anjum, former Aaj Tak journalist Shyam Meera Singh and many others have also taunted on Sudhir Chaudhary’s tweet.

In fact, Sudhir Chaudhary quoted Munshi Premchand and wrote in one of his tweets on Saturday (October 9), “Flattery becomes poison when ears drink it as nectar – Munshi Premchand.”

The anchor of ‘Zee News’ came under the target of social media users for his tweet and people started trolling him. Meanwhile, Ajit Anjum also took a dig at Chaudhary’s tweet.

Commenting on Choudhary’s tweet, Anjum wrote, “Saying the man who has only flatteryed every power and only those in power in every era. After laying flattering rugs from Huda to Patel, he has been rolling in front of Modi for 7 years. Who can understand this method more than the one who has reached here wearing only flattering pajamas?”

Anjum further wrote in his tweet, “The name of the deadliest combination of blackmailing with top class flattery is Chaudhary.”

Apart from Ajit Anjum, many others also took a dig at Chaudhary’s tweet. Journalist Nargis Bano wrote in her tweet, “Thank you for doing more toxic journalism than cobra’s poison, Today, Hindus and Muslims are living a life of hatred because of your journalism.”

Another user wrote, “Like Modi’s senior sycophant Rajat Sharma, Sudhir Chaudhary also started giving discourses. Oye Chaudhary, don’t quote Munshi Premchand, your shop is running because of flattery lies and hatred, otherwise you would have been in jail. Another user wrote, “Such a thing doesn’t look good from the mouth of a flattering brand ambassador.”

Another wrote, “Have you written this for yourself or for your fellow anchors? But whatever is written is a perfect fit for the Godi anchors sitting in the studio today.” Similarly, all the users are taking a dig at Chaudhary’s tweet in the same way.

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