Charlie Hebdo releases cartoon mocking Hindu deities for Covid-19 crisis, says – 33 Million Gods….

Charlie Hebdo, a French magazine that has been embroiled in controversy earlier over cartoons on the Prophet Muhammad, has once again found itself in a new controversy. This magazine has insulted Hindu gods and goddesses over the Covid crisis. So there is a lot of outrage against this magazine on social media.

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Charlie Hebdo had published a cartoon. It criticized the lack of oxygen in India. The cartoon was published on April 28. The cartoon showed Indians falling to the ground and struggling for oxygen. Hindu deities were also mocked in it. The magazine had ridiculed Hindu deities by captioning 33 Million deities, but none of them has the capacity to produce oxygen.

Cartoon by Charlie Hebdo
Charlie Hebdo

Shirley Hebdo was also in trending on Twitter on Thursday. Many have called for a ban on Charlie Hebdo, saying the cartoon was insulting. Many have also supported the cartoon, citing freedom of expression.

A Twitter handle @Manik_M_Jolly tweeted “Dear Charlie Hebdo, we actually have 330 million gods who taught us to never give up. We also respect freedom of expression and French citizens, wine and fries will be loved just the same here. Don’t worry. “Your office or employees will not be attacked,”.

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