Canadian MP accidentally appears naked while attending Parliament via video conference

The deadly corona virus, which is spreading rapidly around the world, is not taking the name of havoc. At the same time, during this time of the Corona epidemic, the trend of meetings through video conferencing has increased. Many strange videos of video conferencing meeting have also been seen. Meanwhile, Nude was spotted during a digitally-run meeting of the House of Commons, a member of the Canadian Parliament. This video of the MP is now becoming very viral on social media.

Canadian MP

William Amos, who has been representing Pontiac’s Quebec district since 2015, appeared in a fully nude state on the screen of his fellow lawmakers on Wednesday. Due to the global epidemic, many Canadian lawmakers are attending parliamentary sessions via video conference. In a screenshot obtained by The Canadian Press, Amos is seen standing behind a desk and private parts were probably covered by a mobile.

“It was a bad mistake unfortunately,” Amos said in an e-mail statement. He said, “After returning from jogging, I was changing clothes to be worn at the workplace when my video accidentally went on. I sincerely apologize to my colleagues from the House of Commons for this inadvertent mistake. Certainly it was an accidental mistake and it will not happen again. “

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The MP for the opposition Bloc Québécois party, Claude Bellefioli, raised the incident after question hour and suggested that male members of parliament should wear trousers, underwear, shirt and a jacket and tie, in line with parliamentary decorum.

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