Businesses closed due to corruption, inflation and economic policy mismanagement: BJP MP Varun Gandhi’s latest attack on Modi govt

Bharatiya Janata Party’s firebrand youth leader and Pilibhit MP Varun Gandhi has once again targeted Modi government through gestures by tweeting in the interest of traders. Now that, when the assembly elections are going to be held in five states, this tweet of Varun Gandhi is bound to give strength to those burning issues, which are constantly attacking the central government by raising the opposition.

Varun Gandhi has now raised an issue that has been raised by small producers and shopkeepers across the country for a long time. The MP has appealed to the general public not to buy from big companies like Amazon and Wal-Mart, but from small shopkeepers in the neighborhood. Sharing the news published in a newspaper with a tweet, the MP has said that due to corruption, inflation and economic policy failure, a large number of small traders and shopkeepers are forced to shut down business.

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Pilibhit’s BJP MP Varun Gandhi is constantly in the news for his tweets. He is raising the same issues on which other MPs of the party shy away from speaking publicly anywhere.
In the past, the manner in which he tweeted the video of the Lakhimpur Kheri incident, created an uproar within the BJP. Then he tweeted questioning the system of paddy procurement in Uttar Pradesh. Varun Gandhi was the first MP to denounce all the three agricultural laws, who wrote a letter to the Prime Minister despite his own party’s government. Gave all the advice to the central government in the interest of farmers.

Sharing a news report on Twitter, Gandhi said that at the time of global recession they (small producers and shopkeepers) were the ones who took care of the country’s economy. “Due to corruption, inflation and economic policy mismanagement, a large number of small producers and shopkeepers are forced to close their businesses. Support them by doing shopping from small shopkeepers in your neighbourhood instead of Amazon, Walmart. At the time of global recession they were the ones who took care of the country’s economy,” Varun Gandhi said.

MP Varun Gandhi shared a newspaper cutting, which is titled – “6% small shopkeepers, 14% Producers shutdown their businesses”. The news said that small manufacturers in the FMCG sector have been hit the most. The rising inflation of food items has forced small shopkeepers and producers to wind up business. Retail intelligent platform Byjom and global firm Nielsen have claimed in their report that 6 per cent of small shopkeepers disappeared from the market in November, while 14 per cent of producers have also been locked down.

Nielsen’s South Asia Head Sameer Shukla said, “Small manufacturers could not bear the pressure of rising inflation. Due to continuous losses, They had to close their business. Sales of household products like tea, biscuits, soap and cream were also down 14.4 per cent in November as compared to October. The main reason for this is the decrease in the number of small shopkeepers. During this period, the sales of small and running grocery shopkeepers declined by 8.8 percent. Compared to last year, sales of consumer products have grown by 10.4 per cent.

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