Burning pyre telling truth: “112 deaths in Bhopal alone but only 4 in government records”

On Friday, Dainik Bhaskar’s Bhopal edition called out the Madhya Pradesh government for its incorrect data on Covid deaths in the state. The Hindi edition of Dainik Bhaskar headline says: “Government’s statistics on death count is a lie, these funeral pyres speak truth.”

Dainik Bhaskar reports “This picture of Bhopal of Madhya Pradesh is 7:30 on Thursday evening. The place is the great resting ghat of the city. If we count in this smoldering picture, then more than 40 pyres will be seen burning. All of them corona infected…. The situation in the crematoriums is such that there are no place left for cremation. Woods are about to end. The cremation crews have blisters in their hands and have to wait for hours for the cremation of the dead bodies.”

Funeral of 356 infected dead bodies in five days
The newspaper reported that the funeral of 112 Corona infected death bodies took place in Bhopal on Thursday. 72 were cremated in Bhadbhada, 30 cremated in Subhash Nagar and 10 bodies were buried in Jhada cemetery, but only 4 deaths were recorded in Bhopal even today, according to official figures. In the last five days, the last rites of 356 infected people took place in Bhopal, but the government figures put the figure at only 21. So whose body are these in the crematoriums? This picture is very frightening,

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More than 10 thousand infected found in 24 hours in Madhya Pradesh
On Thursday, 10,166 people were found corona infected in the state. 3,970 people recovered and 53 died. Till now, 3.73 lakh people have been infected. Of these, 3.13 lakh people have been cured. 4,365 patients lost their lives. 55,694 patients are undergoing treatment.

If the government did not hide the figures of Corona infected, then today perhaps people of Bhopal do not have to burn so many funeral pyres. Probably, we would not have been buried in our own grave. First hiding the data of the infected and now the deaths. Today there is no place in hospitals, nor in crematoriums. Family members are wandering here and there with patient. Perhaps this is the reason why the crematoriums are smoldering today and shouting their truth to themselves.

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