‘Bureaucrats there to carry our slippers,’ says senior BJP leader Uma Bharti

Senior BJP leader and former Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh Uma Bharti made a controversial statement Yesterday. She described bureaucracy as the one who lifts slippers politicians. Uma Bharti said “You do not know that bureaucracy is nothing. Bureaucracy is there to pick up our chappals (slippers). They pick up our slippers. We only got agreed for that.”

The former Madhya Pradesh CM further said a government files moves only after a discussion between ministers concerned and bureaucrats.

She said, “what do you think, bureaucracy turns the leader? No-no, talks happen in private first, then bureaucracy brings it by making a file. Ask me, have been a minister in the center for 11 years, have been chief ministers. First we talk, discuss, then file is processed.”

Uma Bharti said, “everything is nonsense, bureaucracy turns around. They can’t even turn around, what is their status? We are paying them salaries, we are giving them postings, we are giving them promotions and demotions. They have no right. The real thing is that we do our politics under the pretext of bureaucracy.”

In fact, on Saturday, a delegation of the OBC Mahasabha reached former Union Minister Uma Bharti at her bungalow in Bhopal. During this, the delegation had submitted a memorandum to Uma Bharti regarding 5-point demands regarding reservation in OBC’s caste census and privatization.

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The OBC Mahasabha delegation had warned that the Madhya Pradesh government would have to take a decision on the demands of the OBC Mahasabha at the earliest, otherwise the OBC Mahasabha would vehemently oppose the BJP MPs, MLAs, and ministers on the streets. During this, while talking to the delegation of OBC Mahasabha, Uma Bharti made objectionable remarks on bureaucracy.

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