British PM candidate Liz Truss got into controversy after commenting on French President Emmanuel Macron

Liz Truss, who is in the race to become the Prime Minister of Britain, came into the limelight when she made remarks about French President Emmanuel Macron.

Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said the jury was considering whether Macron was a friend or foe of Britain. Truss also said that if she becomes the Prime Minister, she will do justice not with words, but by deeds.

Truss was answering questions at an event in Norwich on Thursday evening. In response to the same question, Rishi Sunak, another candidate in the race for the post of Prime Minister, replied that the French President is a friend. He had earlier said that he would restore the UK’s ties with Europe if he wins the race to succeed Boris Johnson.

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The opposition Labor Party accused the truce of a drastic lack of decision making and said it would be seen as an insult to France, one of Britain’s closest allies.

His own party colleagues also took to social media to criticize his comments. Former Secretary of State Alistair Burt said he had made a serious mistake and that he should have spoken in a diplomatic tone.

During election campaigns in eastern England, Liz Truss was asked whether the French nation was friend or foe. To this Truss replied – Jury is out. “If I become the prime minister, I will judge him on the basis of deeds, not words,” she said.

Former Conservative minister Gavin Barwell responded: “You should have thought before you spoke. The foreign secretary knew we were in a military alliance with France.”

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