‘Bring down my name from the stand at Kotla’ asks angry Bishan Singh Bedi to DDCA over plans to install Jaitley’s statue, quits membership

Arun Jaitley Stadium. Earlier it was named Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium. There is a stand named after former cricketer Bishan Singh Bedi in this stadium. Bedi wants his name to be removed from the stand. He is also angry with the Cricket Association of Delhi DDCA.

In fact, it is proposed to install the statue of former late BJP leader Arun Jaitley in the cricket stadium. Bedi is angry with this. He says that a statue of a player should be installed in the cricket stadium, not the leader or administrator. Angry Bedi has also left the membership of DDCA.

At present, Arun Jaitley’s son Rohan Jaitley is the chairman of DDCA. Bedi wrote a letter to him. ESPN has printed this complete letter.

Bedi wrote,

“I have so much understanding that I don’t speak bad things about the dead. And I think you are also smart enough to understand how the relationship between me and the late Arun Jaitley was. When he was the President of DDCA, we never had the same opinion. I was always against the people he brought to run DDCA. I feel very sad remembering this past of DDCA. But today there is a reference to it. “

Bishan Singh Bedi writes on nepotism

“I do not want the war of one generation to be carried over to another. But I also know to take a stand for what is wrong. Then do not forget that nepotism also has these disadvantages. You are also held responsible for decisions in which you did not have any involvement. I see that despite he being president, flattering tradition continues in DDCA. “

Bedi wrote that when the Ferozeshah Kotla stadium was named after Arun Jaitley in a hurry, he kept quiet thinking that it might be good for the stadium. But according to him, this did not happen.

Expressing displeasure over the proposal to install the statue of Jaitley, Bedi wrote,

“I want my name removed from the stand with immediate effect. I also leave the chair of DDCA. A simple Google search will tell you how much Arun Jaitley has contributed to cricket. Being a lawyer, you should also know how many irregularities occurred during his tenure. I was told that Arun Jaitley was a good politician. So his contribution should be remembered in Parliament and not in the cricket stadium. “

Bishan Singh Bedi wrote that the DDCA president should know that all the stadiums of the world have effigies of great players and not politicians and administrators. Such as – WG Grace on Lord’s ground, Sir Don Bradman on SCG and Shane Warne on MCG.

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