Breaking: Case Filed against Smriti Irani for Taking Bribe of Rs 25 Lakh from International Shooter

Union Minister Smriti Irani and her colleagues have been accused of corruption. These allegations have been made by international shooter Vartika Singh. Vartika says that 25 lakh rupees were demanded from her in the name of being made a member of the Central Commission for Women. In this case, she has also filed a complaint in the MP-MLA court.

What is the whole matter?

Vartika Singh is a well-known international shooter. She hails from Pratapgarh in UP. She has accused Union Minister Smriti Irani of taking bribe. According to the news reports, Vartika says that 25 lakh rupees were being asked from her in exchange for her post in the Central Commission for Women. These money were demanded by Smriti Irani, her personal secretary Vijay Gupta and another colleague Rajneesh Singh.

Vartika alleged that on the instigation of Smriti Irani, her close friends had issued a fake letter of the Women’s Commission. She was misled by talking big to her. Then 25 lakh rupees were asked in exchange for giving special post. It was further alleged that Smriti’s close friends talked to her loosely on social media.

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When Vartika said that she would put the money-demanding matter in front of everyone, Vijay Gupta filed a case against her. All these allegations have been made by Vartika. She has also submitted a complaint application in the MP-MLA court on this matter. The court will now hear the case on 2 January 2, 2021.

Vartika’s lawyer Rohit Tripathi spoke to the media on this entire case and presented Vartika’s side. He said,

“Today, an application was filed in the case of Vartika ji that the honorable Smriti Irani, her personal secretary Vijay Gupta, Dr. Rajneesh Singh, who is the BJP’s official, cheated us by making false documents. And played the appointment game. And in order to protect themselves, they had turned an FIR against us, by putting an application on the same matter, we have filed an FIR and demanded an inquiry against them. We have put all the evidence. Call recordings have also been given by all Vartika Singh. WhatsApp recordings are given. We have entered everything. “

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