“Boycott won’t end my life, let them do”: Anurag Kashyap hits out trollers like never before

Filmmaker Anurag Kashyap often gets into controversies due to his words. He says that his entire life has gone through controversy. Anurag says that controversies surround him because sometimes people are unable to deal with the truth. Second, there is controversy because people know that I will answer the same question as they ask. Such questions are asked intentionally. These are template questions that the media houses themselves give.

In an interview to India TV, Anurag spoke openly about the ongoing Boycott campaign for Bollywood films. He said that people do not know why do people think that whatever is happening in the world, the answer should be with the filmmakers. The culture of Boycott is the culture of social media. If Laal Singh Chaddha or whatever film becomes hit at Box office, it is only us who benefit from it. Any film that does well at box office, its money comes into the industry.

anurag kashyap

On the ongoing discussions about Boycott from social media to mainstream media, he said that the answer to a simple issues will be found in a normal way. It’s not a normal thing. Negative click bets run high in the media. So only questions are designed like this. “Boycott, boycott, boycott…” have been implemented now. Those who want to watch the film will watch, those who do not, will not see. Anurag said that if the boycott movement is to be run, then people will run it. They will do whatever is going on in their mind.

In the conversation, Anurag mentioned Sushant Singh Rajput. He said, they still trend Sushant Singh Rajput that he is being killed. Everyone has to work in the industry. No one else has to do anything. Anurag said, “They (trollers) say that they have made us(successful).” Anurag then said, “Who told you to make us. And after we are successful, why are you saying that you have made us?”

Anurag kashyap

Anurag Kashyap continued, “where were you when I was on the road for 10 years? Where were you when my films were banned? Which are my such films that you have seen in the cinema hall? You have downloaded and seen it. Just as I don’t have the right to say ‘I made you’, in the same way you don’t have any right, what should I make and how to say this. No one has the right on my life except me.”

“Many people do not have work. They have no purpose. They come in flocks. Because they have no identity after coming out of the herd. They are sheep. They become lions only by staying in the herd. If they come in front alone, they will not be able to talk. Copy and paste others. These things are going on all over the world and you cannot do anything about it”, Anurag continued.

Anurag kashyap

On the question of him making fun of Boycott, Anurag said let them say. What will you do if you don’t make fun of it? What do you think this industry will not survive by boycotting the Hindi film industry. Doctors tell us not to eat sweets, then has it stopped making sweets. If people are suffering from diabetes, then do sweets are not made? Boycotting someone will not end my life. Let them boycott. Anurag said, “I have a lot of work to do. I have so many jobs that I will never be unemployed in my life. I get to do many things.”

According to Anurag Kashyap, “When I used to teach, I used to earn so much money that even many teachers do not used get. And I can go to any country and teach anything. I can teach in this country also. Boycotting him will not end my life. They boycott and are happy that his film did not work. Tomorrow it will be on Netflix. Boycott of Taapsee’s film but did not trend on Netflix. The film went on. All the movies in my life have been boycotted.

Anurag further said that “when this boycott was not in trend, then also they did not go to the theater to watch my film. I have had five boycotts since Black Friday. Five have not even been released till today. Who went to see my Gangs of Wasseypur? Show me the ticket These are cowardly people.”

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