Boxer Vijender Singh says – Everything is expensive except for the honour of the women, crop of the farmer and…

It has been 47 days since the farmers movement on the border of Delhi. Recently, the eighth round of meetings between leaders of farmers’ organizations and union ministers has also proved to be a failure.

Both sides are adamant about their demands. If the government is clearly refusing to repeal the agricultural laws, the farmers have also warned that they are ready to run this movement indefinitely. But we will not back down.

There are opposition organizations as well as social organizations, artists and players in support of the farmers. Those who are registering their protest on social media. With this, the wrong policies of the BJP are being fiercely attacked.

In this episode, the boxer and Congress leader Vijender Singh has also attacked the BJP government. He tweeted and wrote that “Everything is expensive in this country except the honor of the woman, the crop of the farmer and the life of the soldier.”

In the past, Vijendra Singh has made several tweets on social media about the farmers movement. Recently he wrote that the people of the country are worried about USA. But the farmers of our country are on the roads in such a cold. Why is nobody worried about them? Many Indian players including Vijendra Singh have given their support to the farmers.

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Significantly, in India, where farmers are upset with the anti-people policies of the Modi government. At the same time, the women of the country are also vulnerable under the BJP rule. Hundreds of cases of rape are reported from different corners of the country.

Contrary to the big claims of the Bharatiya Janata Party, the party has often been accused of being anti-farmer and anti-women.

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