Boris Johnson slammed by opposition MPs in British parliament over his ‘JCB’ ride in India

Boris Johnson slammed by opposition MPs: British PM Boris Johnson has been attacked by opposition MPs in his country’s parliament. Opposition MPs have alleged that Boris was scared to question PM Modi about the atrocities being perpetrated on Muslims during his visit to India. UK PM Boris Johnson recently visited India and signed a trade deal worth billions of rupees. He met PM Modi and also visited a bulldozer machine manufacturing company in Gujarat. Boris was also seen riding a bulldozer.

The photo of Boris Johnson climbing on the JCB went viral on social media in India as well as in Britain and people started questioning him. This photo of Johnson came to light when communal violence took place in many parts of the country on the occasion of Ram Navami and Hanuman Jayanti. After which the houses and shops of many Muslim accused were vandalized by JCB. The administration said that only illegal constructions have been demolished. But many people equate this action with a sense of revenge.

This 25-year-old MP questioned Johnson in the House of Commons

Britain’s opposition Labor MP Nadia Whittome has questioned Boris Johnson’s visit to the JCB factory. He said, “The BJP (Modi’s governing party) is using JCB diggers to bulldoze the homes and shops of Muslims. Boris Johnson posed with JCB diggers on his recent visit to India, but his minister wouldn’t say whether he even raised these demolitions with Modi.”

Interestingly, Nadia’s parents are of Indian origin. Her father is Punjabi Sikh and mother is Anglo Indian.

Another British MP Jarrah Sultana also asked sharp questions to PM Boris Johnson in the House of Commons. She said, “Boris Johnson failed to challenge Modi on the BJP whipping-up anti-Muslim violence during his trip to India. Instead he visited a JCB factory the day after the company’s bulldozers demolished Muslim homes in Delhi. That shows you how much he really cares about human rights.”

Boris Johnson slammed by opposition MPs

British Conservative Party leader and PM Boris Johnson has been involved in controversies. During the lockdown, he along with his wife gave a party at his house. For which he was fined. Johnson also publicly apologized for this mistake. Johnson is the first British PM to be fined for any mistake while in office. Indian-origin Finance Minister Rishi Sunak also joined this controversial party.

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