Boeing 737 plane with 133 passengers reportedly crashes in South China

Plane with 133 passengers reportedly crashes in China: A major accident happened on Monday in India’s neighboring country China, where a plane carrying 133 passengers crashed. Rescue team reached the spot immediately after the incident, but due to the dense forest and hilly terrain, they are facing difficulties. The information about how many people have been injured in this incident is not yet available. At present, the Chinese government has ordered an inquiry into the incident.

According to Chinese media, the Boeing 737 plane was going from Kunming to Guangzhou, carrying 133 people. Everything was fine in the plane at the time of takeoff, but shortly after it crashed in the mountainous forests of Guangxi. After which the plane caught fire. After the incident, the rescue team was rushed to the spot, where the rescue operation is going on. Along with this, beds are also being arranged in all the hospitals of the city, so that if any injured are found, they can be provided proper treatment.

Plane with 133 passengers reportedly crashes in China:

Local media quoted airport staff as saying that a China Eastern Flight plane took off from Kunming city at 1 pm (0500 GMT) on Monday, which was to reach Guangzhou at 3 pm, but crashed on the way. . On the other hand, this plane was also not very old. It was taken by the airlines in June 2015 itself. The aircraft had a total of 162 seats, including 12 in business and 150 in economy class. During the flight, 123 passengers and 9 crew members were present in it.

According to aviation experts, Boeing 737 is considered to be the best aircraft for short distances, so they are also surprised by this accident. At the same time, the last time such a big accident happened in China was in 2010. During that time 44 people died in the Embraer E-190 crash.

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