BJP’s ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhao’ convenor Seema Patra kept tribal maid hostage for 8 years, accused of inhumane torture

Seema Patra, a woman BJP leader in Jharkhand and wife of former IAS officer Maheshwar Patra, has crossed all limits of cruelty. Sensational allegations have been made against her by her maid. Maid Sunita told that Seema Patra kept her hungry and thirsty in the room for several days. She broke her teeth by hitting with an iron rod.

The maid was freed by the police on 22 August from the residence of the BJP leader in Ashoknagar, Ranchi. After this, she has been admitted to RIMS, where she is undergoing treatment. Doctors say that when she was brought here, she was very weak. Slowly her condition is improving.

Seema Patra, in her bio on Twitter, has described herself as a member of the National Working Committee of the BJP Mahila Morcha and the state convener of the ‘Beti Bachao-Beti Padhao’ campaign. It is alleged that the girl, who was kept at Seema Patra’s house for domestic work for the last eight years, was being tortured badly for a long time.

Maid Sunita told, if she is alive today it is because of Madam’s son Ayushmann. She told that Ayushman used to save her from assault every time. Sunita alleged that due to not being given food, she had become very weak, she could not even stand up by her own. Despite this, Seema Patra used to make her do household chores. She used to beat her badly for not working. In this case, the police told that after the recovery of the maid Sunita, she will be produced before the court. Further action will be taken based on the statement.

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Vivek Baski, an officer of the Personnel Department, somehow got information about the atrocities being committed on Sunita. After this he lodged a complaint with DC Rahul Kumar Sinha. The police freed Sunita in the presence of the magistrate. On the other hand, a case has been registered on the complaint of Vivek Baski. However, no arrest has been made in this case yet.

Congress MLA Deepika Singh Pandey has slammed the BJP after the sensational allegation on the BJP leader. She has tweeted, “Shame on your leader Seema Patra, who crossed all limits of cruelty to a woman by taking her hostage. Where is Smriti Irani, why is the BJP’s Mahila Morcha sleeping? Get on the road and demand more severe punishment.”

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