BJP Yuva Morcha Leader Pamela Goswami arrested with cocaine in Bengal

The police arrested Pamela Goswami, leader of the Yuva Morcha of the BJP unit of Bengal and Prabir Kumar Dey, along with the drug cocaine. The police of New Alipore police station arrested them in the afternoon. Pamela Goswami is the Secretary of the State Youth Front and the Secretary of the Hooghly District BJP.

Police say that Pamela Goswami and Prabir Dey have had a long-standing friendship and the police had long suspected that Pamela was involved in the drug trade. The police was watching them. Police of New Alipore police station along with women police reached the spot and arrested them. Pamela was accompanied by Central Security Force personnel at the time of arrest.

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Police seized cocaine from Pamela Goswami’s vehicle

Police say that they have been arrested by the police from New Alipore area. They came in a car. Police searched the car. At that time, 100 grams of cocaine was seized from the bag of Pamela Goswami. The estimated price of the drug in the market is about five lakh rupees. The police is interrogating them. The police will present it in court tomorrow and thereafter inquire about its custody. They will try to know what other people are associated with it.

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